Guide to Buying a New printer

One of more puzzling decisions when facing a choice of the new printer - what technology of the press is going to suit you best of all. Now there are two main systems of the press: laser technology, using a toner cartridges and meeting of a drum of transfer; and the kraskostruyny press using cartridges of the tank of ink and nouses of a small spray. The method which will suit you best of all, will depend generally that you plan to print on your new printer and factors of cost which mention management expenses of. Laser printers possibly better for the press of large volume, with below 'for page' and they the black text of intensity, than the most part of the kraskostruyny press is better than an expense. Laser printers tend to have faster level of page, but the kraskostruyny press still offers important advantages in the possible color press.

For household application you, possibly, will want to unpack digital photos or graphics which does color by need. Traditional differentiation between lasers and the kraskostruyny press was office against household application; however, color offers obvious advantages of representation to business use also. Fortunately, the prices for both categories of printers decreased enough to make it practical, to buy both the laser and the kraskostruyny press if you absolutely have to and paint and the high-quality text.

Work you do

There are many various configurations of the printer available today, many of them quite специализированы on statements. There are specialized photos printers, direct CD printers of a disk, Multipurpose printers, the desktop kraskostruyny press and high-speed lasers.

If you want the printer which is specially intended to print photos, you will look for most possibly color jet system which is a photo the printer, allowing very high-quality color production and capable for printing completely to page edge. Recent releases by the main brands turn on now uniform Multipurpose devices which include viewing and the press of abilities. It is a lot of smaller units, which are developed simply as a photoprinter to join directly in your digital camera, are also available. Almost same it can be told for CD or DVD press, with the printers of the expert available to the press directly on disks, saving label application.

On the other hand, if you are a small worker of house office, then your requirements can be more the general when you should make the solution of the printer based on types of documents your production and how many. In general jet printers offer high-quality color to production at low cost of hardware, but highly consumed cost. Lasers offer much higher speeds, but at much higher cost of hardware.