Athlon 64 Processors

For a long time Intel conducted the market on processor and popularity sales, but AMD at last put an end to it. With release of their Athlon 64 processor, with 64 bits computing abilities, they slowly but certainly returned the market back from Intel.

Athlon 64 processors were around some time now, and they appeared actions of leading companies in computing capacity. As we know that the AMD processor which operate on much slower speeds, than the Intel processors doing them more cool, runs. It relieved expensive equipment of cooling of need and opened a doorway in order that result.

Though AMD reached the planned purpose, letting out their 64-bit processor how Intel made, they don't stop. They constantly modernized the line to increase speed and efficiency. It is obvious with their fx serial processors and their double main processors.

fx the serial processor - the king of a hill in AMD. They - the most powerful processor which is available. They show hot speeds for the central processor intensive functions such video coding and games. They also show a lot of work in a database which conduct work and the majority of other aspects of calculation.

The double main line of the processor - final in multi management of tasks. They provide the power of two processors running in unison while still ability to be located in the unique motherboard of the processor. Though these processors - in essence two processors in one, they quite expensive also can not be everyones a cup of tea.

Intel tries to resist, concluding the union with Apple. In total macs are available now with Intel processors. Whether it will be favorable to Intel only time will show.

With the competition becoming stronger from AMD, it can mean only the increased privileges for the consumer. As war between Intel and AMD amplifies, the consumer will benefit by the lowered prices and the increased quality in their processors.