All About Dye-Sublimation Printers

Devoted photos printers differ from universal printers, as they are developed to print photos only, contrary to the text or graphic documents in addition to photos. They in general are compact in the size and lightweight, and some models even show batteries which allow you to print without need for an exit. The majority of a photo of printers, including a paint eminence (or paint-sub) printers, is constructed round the thermal engine of paint though there are some which show jet technology.

Many years printers of an eminence of paint were the devices of the expert used in the requirement of graphic arts and photographic statements. Emergence of the digital photo led to an entrance of this technology in a dominating tendency, forming the basis of many independent, portable photos of printers which appeared in the second half of the 1990th.

The term "paint" addressed to belongs to firm paints which were used in process instead of ink or ink. "Eminence" - the scientific term for process, where firm particles (in this case, paints) are transformed to their gaseous form, without passing last liquid phase.

The process of the press used by true printers of an eminence of paint, differs from that from inkjets. Instead of spraying tiny planes of ink on page as jet printers do, printers of an eminence of paint apply paint from a plastic film.
System with three passes (showing a body paints in the form of a tape either on a tape or on a roll), layers blue, purple, yellow, and black paints from above each other. The printing head on the printer of paint-sub uses tiny heaters for vapourise paint which gets in a glossy surface of paper. The clear coat is added to protect the press from ultra-violet light. Though this method is capable to reduction to excellent results, it isn't so economic. Even if the special image doesn't need one of the pigments, that segment of a tape is still consumed. It is the reason, the paint-sub printer compatible paper packages can contain the film of transfer capable to production of the same number of the seals. Besides, ink of an eminence of paint needs the newspaper which allows ink to remain on a paper surface.

Now many jet printers in the market are capable to being developed methods of an eminence of paint. Cartridges in such printers spray ink, covering page one strip for once. The printing head heats up ink to create gas which the heating element which reaches temperatures to 500 ° C (above, than the average printer of an eminence of paint) operates. A big difference in results with equipment of an eminence of paint - that because paints are applied to paper in a gas form, they don't form excellent points with firm edge as jet printers. Instead of this edge are softer and mix up with each other easily.