The principle of cartridge work and other printer supplies: basic tips

To date, there are different ways of printing on paper, but the largest spread, have gotten two of them: inkjet and laser printing. Despite the fact that in both cases, the printer would not agree to print without toner cartridges and other printer supplies, technology of obtaining images in inkjet and laser printers is different. Accordingly, the toner cartridges are also different, which are used for printing on various types of printers.
At its core the principle of inkjet printing is causing millions of droplets of ink on paper - in the right place and right size. This remains unchanged since the invention of an inkjet printer. With regard to the ejection of droplets from the nozzles of the print head, there are two technologies used printing: thermal jet and piezoelectric.
On average, toner cartridges (print head) may contain from 48 to 416 nozzles, which allows you to print from 300 to 4800 or more points on a 1 inch (= 25,4 mm). The smaller these points and numerous, the better the quality of the image.
Indication that the cartridge is low on ink, can be various defects in print: omissions, white stripes, or the wrong color. When the "problem areas" try, above all, clean the print head - perhaps it is simply blocked.
The principle of laser printing is taken from copiers, appeared much earlier. In these printer supplies, a sheet of paper "sprinkled with" special powder-cartridge - black or color. In places where the electrified sheet, the toner sticks to the paper. Then it should be on it to fix - sheet is heated, and the toner melts to the paper. The result is the desired image - like this. Laser printing technology imposes certain restrictions on the types of paper: laser printers do not like coated glossy paper and textured paper - such lists toner adheres poorly, leading to contamination of the cartridge and its premature failure. The basic working material of the laser printer - a standard office paper. Also allowed to print on envelopes and labels which do not have a glossy coating.
Toner cartridges and printer supplies are sensitive to sunlight, so try not to expose the cartridge exposed to sunlight. Store them at room temperature. Do not attempt to reveal the toner cartridge, as this can cause damage to its individual units. If you want to charge ended cartridge, but do not have the necessary skills for this, sincerely suggest you contact a specialist, which will help to fix or choose other toner cartridges & printer supplies.